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Embracing your new ‘dad’ body

New dad sleeping while feeding baby
New dad sleeping while feeding baby

Prenatal vitamins. Breathing classes. Stretching and nutritional foods, great for mommy and baby. Post-pregnancy yoga and new mom fitness regimens. For all the options geared towards new moms to embrace their new mom bodies to be better, stronger and faster, where does that leave you, the good ol’ dad?

Truth is, from the initial planning and expecting, to the actual birth, right on to them walking and talking, its easy to lose track of your mental, emotional and physical health needs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind –

You need to manage your stress. It will affect your appetite and energy levels.

Some pre-baby things you may be dealing with. Working a full-time job. Making as many doctors appointments as you possibly can. Purchasing all the necessities baby needs. Supporting your ladies emotional highs and lows. Constantly contemplating the huge change that is about to take place in your life (You’re going to be a father!). Planning for the BIG day.

Amidst all these things, you have to acknowledge your limitations. Talk to other friends and family who are fathers. Tell them your concerns and let them share their experiences. Hearing the treasure trove of stories that other dads have may help you rationalize things and realize that you’re not alone. Instead, you’re about to join an exclusive brotherhood.

For many, weight gain is a part of the process.

Some post-baby things you may be dealing with. Lack of sleep. Severe lack of sleep. Worrying. Drinking and eating more junk. Missing showers. Diminished focus at work. Doctors appointments. Strained communication with your wife or girlfriend.

You’ve just experienced something amazing. You are a father! Congratulations. You are also still human. As your body adjusts to its new routine, fatigue, frustration and feeling overwhelmed is normal. As a result, you may start putting on more weight. Rather then get down on yourself, look for small windows to meditate on things that are calming. Have healthier snacks on hand. Challenge yourself to do a set of pushups, squats and stretches every day. Just enough to get your blood flowing could help with your focus and overall feeling of wellbeing. Start small and look towards the future of your new family. As things stabilize, you will have an opportunity to develop a fitness routine that works for the new you (which is just the old you with more responsibility).

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